Pokemon game become the trending topic all over the world. Yeah, the creator Ken Sugimori still have much imagination in order to make Pokemon game evolve once more. After the successful moment of the Pokemon game remake, Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby, it seems he didn’t want to miss this great chance to introduce new Pokemon game right away. Pokemon Sun and Moon it’s a fresh game that quite different from the previous one. Are you curious about it? You need to see Pokemon Sun and Moon game review right away.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Information

Release Date: 18 November 2016 (Worldwide)
Developer: Game Freak
Platform: Nintendo 3DS (Compatible with XL, New 3DS XL, 2DS and 2DS XL)
Publisher: The Pokemon Company

The Cool Features of the Game

If you know about the Pokemon game, it has the same gameplay actually, from the first one until the last one. But, although it’s an old game, Game Freak can still bring the potential to this successful game, Are you curious what kind of new features that await you in the game? Just see list below.

Island Challenge

meet the trail captain

One of the cool features that replace Gym challenge. Because in Moon and Sun you will go around the island, not the city, so, it’s normal you won’t find any Gym leader in the small island. Instead of Gym challenge, you will get Island Challenge. See the info about to make it easy for you to understand.

  • Each island guarded with Trail Captain. (Yeah it’s similar like Gym Leader)
  • Each captain will provide you a challenging test ( Usually it’s around battle like your normal gym, but there are rules before you can win the battle)

totem pokemon

  • After you defeated the Trail Captain and finish the challenge, the Totem Pokemon will appear.
  • In order to move to the next island, you need to beat the totem Pokemon.

Regional Variants

alola pokemon region

In Alola Island, some Pokemon will have a different form. Of course, their ability and type will change as the result. You can see the picture below for more information about the Alola Pokemon.

Poke Ride

poke ride

If you usually, use HM in order to move pass through the obstacles, in this game you don’t need to sacrifice your cute Pokemon to become your HM slave. Because the cool features already implemented in this game. It’s called Poke Ride, the use it’s same like HM, you can fly to the sky by using Charizard, Pass-through the ocean with Sharpedo, and in the land, you can ride Tauros and Mudsdale. The handy features that every player will love, so, right now you can bring your strongest Pokemon right away.


z moves

The new features for the battle mechanism. Z-moves is powerful move that you can unleash to beat the opponents immediately. But, as the compensation, you can only use it once per battle. In order to use it, you must have a Z-ring and Z-crystals. For the crystals, you can acquire it through the Alola Island.

 Rotom Pokedex

pokedex rotom

The next cool features about the game is Rotom Pokedex. The function is still same like your usual Pokedex but there are some new features that implemented on this Pokedex. What is it anyway? The first one is, you can see your current location with the Pokedex and your next destination. And sometimes, Rotom will give you some advice to pass through the game without any problem, is it convenient, right?

Battle Royale

battle royale

The interesting multiplayer battle that people will love to play. The rules are simple, four players will battle each other and each player has three Pokemon that they can send out while one Pokemon defeated. The battle will end when there is a player who doesn’t have any Pokemon, and the match will be done. In order to become the winner, you need to have the higher amount of Pokemon others than your opponents.

QR Scanner

qr scanner pokemon

The greatest feature ever in this game. Right now, you can scan the barcode other people Pokemon in order to get the information such as the location, the type and any other information that you need to know about the Pokemon. Not only that, there are some Pokemon that you can through scanning the QR code. It’s really convenient features that everyone will love to use. So, it will make you easy to find the location of the specific Pokemon. In order to scan just open your Pokdex and show the Pokemon barcode. You will get the barcode automatically after you catch the Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Version Differences

It’s not a new thing Pokemon game released in two different version. Actually, there is no big difference between two of them. The story still the same, the gameplay mechanism also, so what the difference between both versions? Just see it below to cure your curiosity about this matters.

Different Legendary Pokemon

solgaleo and lunala

Solgaleo (Left) and Lunala (Right)

The first differences you will notice in the game it’s about the legendary Pokemon that appear on the front cover of the game. While the Pokemon Sun featuring Solgaleo as the legendary, the Moon version is different, it’s featuring Lunala instead the steel-ghost type Pokemon. The other differences are some Pokemon that only appear in the certain game. But, you can still use the trade feature to get it actually, it’s included the legendary Pokemon. So, you don’t need to surprise when you see Solgaleo in Pokemon Moon because it’s thanks to the trade system.

About the Time

pokemon sun and moon timeline

Let’s move to time format. The two-game using two different game format. The sun version will use the real-time format and the Moon version will adjust the time with your 3DS system. each game time featuring 12 hours apart. So, the easy example, while you playing the Sun version you will be in the morning and Moon version it’s already night and the opposite. So, there is an advantage in the game? The reason is quite simple because there are Pokemon who appear only in certain time. So, you need to take advantages of the time format in this game.

Totem Pokemon Change

Yeah, you will meet different Totem Pokemon in this game. You can find Alolan Version Raticate in Verdant Cavern (The Moon version). while you find Gumshoos¬†will appear in the Verdant Cavern for the sun version. Of course, each Pokemon has the advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to you which one you going to choose guys!

The Good and The Bad

The Good The Bad
The new cool features implemented in the game, It’s really the greatest enjoyment of Pokemon game The Story still the same, beat the evil thing and collect all the Pokemon
The new battle mechanism that makes you want to play it more and more You will find some lag when using the Z-move and when visiting some place. Hopefully, it will fix in the next game update.
The island challenge it’s really an interesting concept that you can do in the game


Conclusion || Will You Enjoy Pokemon Sun and Moon?

The Pokemon game already from a long time. But, the Game Freak did a great job to bring it the different feel of Pokemon up until now. It’s the proof old game can become the strongest weapon of all. So, the direct question from me, will you enjoy Pokemon Sun and Moon? For the Pokemon fans, of course, you will, but it doesn’t mean normal people can enjoy. Without a doubt, Nintendo and Gamefreak will make all the player love Pokemon franchise even more! As for me, I really recommend this game to all of you. It doesn’t matter you’re Pokemon fans or not because you will still enjoy the game fully. Okay, guys, that’s all the information that I want to tell you about my Pokemon Sun and moon game review. Hopefully, you can enjoy playing Pokemon in 3DS even more!


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